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COVID19 and Business Law

Eidenmüller/Enriques/Hellerringer/van Zwieten, COVID19 and Business Law, 2020, C.H.Beck

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Abbildung von Eidenmüller / Enriques | COVID-19 and Business Law | 1. Auflage | 2020 | beck-shop.de

Horst Eidenmüller / Luca Enriques / Geneviève Helleringer / Kristin van Zwieten

COVID-19 and Business Law


Buch. Softcover

München: C.H.Beck, 2020, 107 S., 25,00 Euro inkl. MwSt.

In englischer Sprache

ISBN 978-3-406-76147-8

(In Gemeinschaft mit Hart Publishing, Oxford und Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden)

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Kooperationswerke Beck – Hart – Nomos



The COVID-19 Pandemic may be the biggest challenge for our lives and livelihoods since World War Two. The global economy has been facing difficult challenges for years. In addition, the climate crisis, which is suppressed by COVID19. But COVID19 is for the economy and the states the most difficult challenge of the last decades after World War II.
Legal systems are under extreme stress too. The pandemic must be responded by legal means to support the economy and of course the population. The legal norms created in this context are not satisfactory in every respect. Some may prove to be contrary to European law or unconstitutional.
This book examines the legal framework for the economy and examines questions of commercial law. Contracts are disrupted, judicial services suspended, and insolvency procedures tested. This volume brings together expert views on how Business Law should best respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The contributions are critical and also try to take a look at future regulations.

The contributions are organized under five broad themes:

  • Corporate Law
  • Financial Markets
  • Insolvency Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Competition Law and Regulation.

This volume should be of interest to scholars, practitioners, policy- and lawmakers worldwide designing or applying Business Laws in response to COVID-19.

The articles are based on posts that have been on the Oxford Business Law Blog since March 2020. This blog is updated continuously and reflects the current state of discussion. You can find this blog here: https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/business-law-blog 

The national and international discourses are completely in flux. This volume is a description of the state of the debate as of July 2020, since when the pandemic has advanced and requires new governmental measures and protection measures for the economy, which is affected by drastic measures. It is therefore of interest to actively follow the discussions on this blog, which are not limited to the UK.

This volume offers an interesting, critical look at the current burdens and challenges of business law in times of a spreading pandemic.

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