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German Limited Liability Company

Rosengarten/Burmeister/Klein, The German Limited Liability Company, 9th Edition, 2020, C.H.Beck

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Abbildung von Rosengarten / Burmeister | The German Limited Liability Company | 9. Auflage | 2020 | beck-shop.de

Joachim Rosengarten/Frank Burmeister/Martin Klein

The German Limited Liability Company

An introduction to the Act on Limited Liabilty Companies with an English translation of the act and samples of the relevant documentation

9th, revised Edition

München: C.H.Beck, 2020, 195 p., 119,00 Euro incl. VAT

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: German Law Accessible

ISBN 978-3-406-74919-3



This book is the perfect introduction to the law on the German GmbH for readers from abroad.

It features a comprehensive overview in English of the key legal issues concerning the GmbH as a company form. It is a resource which allows non-German language speakers to acquaint themselves thoroughly with the law and legal concepts related to the GmbH. And it is an essential tool for effective communication with foreign lawyers in the English language.
The first part of the book forms a comprehensive introduction in English to the law on the German limited liability company (GmbH). It covers matters such as company formation, corporate structure, share capital, shareholder organisation, management and directors, the financial year, protection of minority interests, winding-up and dissolution, as well as issues related to taxation. Since the applicable GmbH law cannot be derived from the German GmbH Act alone, the volume also deals with the InsO, for example, which contains numerous regulations for GmbH law. Section 64 GmbHG (old version) has now been replaced by section 15 b InsO. A similar situation applies to the supplementary applicable law of the stock corporation.
The second part contains the Limited Liability Companies Act (GmbHG) in both the original version in German as well as an English translation.
The third part of the book provides useful templates in both German and English including:

  • articles of association
  • a set of standard documents and declarations for formation and incorporation
  • a model balance sheet and financial statement.

It is particularly useful that the basic documents for a limited liability company formation are included in this volume as very solid samples.

The volume is particularly useful for anyone considering the formation of a GmbH from abroad and for their legal Consultants.

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